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Series 1 is our leading range where only the very best Ash or Maple is selected from our top grade stocks.


Once all shafts are initially checked for strength and feel, Ash is selected for straightness of grain and even arrows whilst Maple is selected for clear, blemish-free qualities. Only a very small percentage pass all these checks and are considered for Series 1.






All shafts are selected for suitability to a given spec. Every measurement is taken into account to ensure the selected shaft is perfectly suited to provide maximum playability.


Butt splicing is selected to compliment the shaft to provide a natural balance prior to any necessary weight being added.


The taper we apply to the cue is dictated by the spec. The length of the shaft is precisely measured whilst being worked so the final cue will have maximum reaction, power and feel with minimal cue ball deflection within the given spec.

Series 1 cues made since December 2015 are now stamped with a unique serial number and are supplied with a certification disc.

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