All of our cues and cases are traditionally hand crafted in our workshops to the highest standards using only the best quality materials. We use all our experience gained over many years combined with working closely with some of the best players in the world to develop our cues to be the best both in workmanship and performance.

All our cues are hand made using the best quality materials selected at source. Ash and maple used is best Grade A quality. Custom cues are hand made specifically to players' requirements.
Ash and Maple is cut and stored in squares and left to settle for a long period of time. These squares are then planed to an oversize shaft and left to settle further. At this stage we can check each piece for appearance and strength and discard any shafts that do not meet the required high standard needed in our cues. After several stages of planing and settling the shaft is ready to be spliced with the butt timber, usually Ebony or Rosewood.
The butt comprises of four splices of either Ebony or Rosewood spliced onto the shaft and, once planed and sanded, forms the basic appearance of a cue. The butt can be spliced further with exotic timbers and veneers.
Now the cue is ready for finishing. We machine each ferrule individually in our workshop to ensure maximum precision with the wall thickness. This is very important as the correct wall thickness assists in lower cue ball deflection whilst protecting the end of the cue. Each cue is tapered to get best playability from each players' specific requirements.
The weight is added to the cue with an emphasis placed on attaining the right balance to ensure a good feel when down on the shot.
The cue is sanded through several stages by hand so it is smooth and then an oil finish is applied using our own blend of oils. Several coats of the oil mix are applied to ensure the cue is well protected and glides through the hand.
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